A Born Actor

Jarrod Christian Stephen Terrell was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to parents Joanna Anonychuk and Stephen Terrell. His mother is a voice teacher and performer, and father a photographer. His parents met when Stephen was photographing a show Joanna was performing in.

The arts were clearly in Jarrod's blood, as he excelled musically at an early age. By the time he was 7, he was already playing piano and recorder. He was also quite the character from very early on, always putting on voices and doing silly characters. He was so exuberant, that he can recall his grade 6 teacher telling him to keep his voice down, as it was often too loud and hurt her ears.

At age 13, he got cast as the starring role in 'David's Rose,' a friendly ghost who was a mute. His piano teacher and her sister were directing the play and they were having difficulty casting the role, as it required a very specific quality as well as a young man who could carry a tune. He reluctantly auditioned for them, and then agreed to take the role. Jarrod instantly loved the atmosphere during rehearsals. He recalls never encountering an environment where he felt so much respect, so much freedom to be himself as well as explore a character. He immediately loved the community and sense of collaboration.

After completing the run of David's Rose, Jarrod played starring roles in a play each year until graduation of high school. Once he found the courage and confidence to join his peers, he took every opportunity to participate in anything acting related, doing acting classes, theatre sports, and joining the schools improv team.

At age 15 he decided he wanted to be a professional actor for a living and decided he did not want to go to post secondary. He "didn't like the idea of waiting 4 years to start an acting career." As soon as he graduated high school, he secured a talent agent and started studying at various professional acting schools in Vancouver. Since then he has trained with numerous teachers in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles including the illustrious Larry Moss, who coaches Leonardo DiCaprio on all his films.

Jarrod has worked with the likes of Brad Anderson (The Machinist, director), Ray Wise (Reaper, Mad Men, Fresh Off the Boat),  Arielle Kebbel (Ballers, Midnight Texas) and Lindsay Sloane (The Other Guys, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Horrible Bosses 2)